🦃 Schedule reminder for the holiday week 🦃

We have been working a day ahead of schedule. Another important reminder, our schedule can be slightly altered due to weather permitting.

  • Monday, November 20th: Finish Saturday & Mondays route and servicing some Tuesday yards
  • Tuesday, November 21st: Finish Tuesdays route and service some Wednesday yards
  • Wednesday, November 22nd: Wednesday and Thursday yards
  • Thursday, November 23rd: CLOSED
  • Friday, November 24th: Finish any yards that weren’t done earlier in the week and Friday yards
  • Saturday, November 25th: Finish Fridays route and some Saturday yards

** If your yard does not get serviced on Saturday, November 25th, it will be pushed to Monday the 27th.

Please keep an eye out for your service reminder email but if you have any questions regarding service, contact the office at (402) 537-4649 or email us at info@monarchk9.com

Our office will be closed on Thursday and Friday. All emails and voicemails will be returned on Monday, November 27th.

All of us at Monarch K-9 hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!