Hello customers,

Due to us not being able to finish our Thursday and Friday routes from last week our schedule was delayed. We started to finish yards on Sunday and whichever yards did not get finished on Sunday were pushed to Monday.

On Monday, January 22nd we were finishing up Saturday and Monday yards. We did add some Tuesday yards to the routes as well.

We are working ahead a little bit this week incase of potential inclement weather. We want to make sure all our customers yards are cleaned this week. Our schedule should go back to normal next week – weather permitting.

As a friendly reminder, in the wintertime, please try and help our technicians out by cleaning out your gates and clearing walkways of snow and ice, if possible. We want to make sure we can service your yard efficiently!

Inclement Weather: If weather prevents us from servicing your yard, you will be billed for that week. The accumulated waste will make for a longer pick-up the next time we are there. If you do not understand or agree, feel free to contact us at (402) 537-4649 or email our office at info@monarchk9.com.

We understand the last two weeks have been an inconvenience and ask for patience. If you have any questions regarding service, please call our office at (402) 537-4649.